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KOKO MIH – Echo of the Cliff

human rights cinema festival, barcelona

Koko Mih – Echo of the Cliff
60 min documentary
Dir. Oriol Casals, Pierre Genet

The project is an initiative from the Dogon people of the village of Banani, in Mali, and aims to disseminate the knowledge, artistic and spiritual values that come from the practice of Dogotem: The Dogon Culture.

A direct witness of the Dogon animist tradition, the documentary permits tracing the Origins of Music, in Mali. In immersion inside the cliff of Bandiagara, a Unesco Heritage site, the Dogon of Banani survive and oblige by their ancestral customs and traditions.

Koko Mih is a reflection on the origins of music, its usefulness and its relationship with the souls of people and makes reference to cinema pioneers Marcel Griaule and Jean Rouch.