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Head Office Interior Design

fitness boutique

Interior design and assistance with the development of the new Head Office of the Fitness Boutique Group.

FitnessBoutique is today the leading fitness brand in France, specializing in the multichannel distribution of fitness equipment, sports nutrition and training clothing for individuals and professionals. The products are sold throughout France and Europe through its network of franchisees or own stores, and throughout the world through several e-commerce sites.

The construction of the new head office is carried out in the Voiron La Brunerie Campus dedicated to the sport, fitness and nutrition sector. Immersed in a 17-hectare (42-acres) park that has seen many top athletes and physical trainers and is home to many sports federations, all the necessary facilities have been designed to accommodate the high level, research centres and the general public.

The AmpleStudio proposal, supplemented by 3D images, was selected to carry out a virtual visit of the 2200 m² headquarters, including an R & D laboratory, a training center, a research and testing center, a pilot showroom, a fitness room and all team offices.